Clarendale Event Proves Tasty


We treated 125 guests to delicious dining choices to go—and the reviews are in!

“Steak was expertly cooked with just the right amount of seasoning; plus not overcooked. The quality of the food was excellent, very gourmet.” –Christine, Saint Peters

“The steak and fish were well-seasoned and excellently prepared. The quality and presentation were both first-rate. Easily comparable to a good restaurant. Compliments to the chef.” –Larry, O’Fallon

“The lime cheesecake—to die for! The steak and fish were top restaurant quality. Can I get the recipe for the cheesecake?” –Beth, O’Fallon

“This very generous offer was a welcome treat. The staff was great, well-prepared and organized.” –Marilyn, Saint Peters

taste food clarendale food bags  taste food

taste food taste food

 We invited friends of Clarendale to a Taste of Clarendale, offering the opportunity to drive up for a delicious dinner-sampler to go and to drive off with a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card if participants provided comments about our menu options. From Filet Mignon and Sea Bass to grilled asparagus, rice pilaf or risotto—and cheesecake for dessert, the tempting menu garnered so much interest, we had to add a second date to accommodate all the attendees!

The weather was beautiful for both dates. Staff from Life Enrichment and Marketing were on hand to greet the guests, safely hand over the food and provide directions.

Thanks to all who joined us for this well-reviewed Taste of Clarendale event!

taste food car dropping off food dropping off food