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Predictable Lifetime Pricing Guarantee – 2021 Rates

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Clarendale guards against rising memory care costs over the length of your loved one’s stay—guaranteed.


Memory Care Cost Considerations

You’re committed to finding the right memory care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia—and, naturally, costs are a consideration. With The Predictable Lifetime Pricing Guarantee at Clarendale, you’ll avoid the typical annual rate hikes of 3 to 5 percent at other communities.

A Guarantee of Predictable Pricing

When your loved one moves into the memory care neighborhood at Clarendale anytime this year, you can lock in current 2021 rates for all levels of care. You’ll know from day-one what costs will be even if your loved one needs a higher level of care in 10 years—or anytime in the future. The rates remain the same as quoted at move-in. Guaranteed!

A Guarantee of Greater Peace of Mind

Our Predictable Lifetime Pricing Guarantee is just one of the many reasons to choose Clarendale memory care. Add in the promise of exceptional quality of care, and you’ll find peace in knowing you made the right decision. The benefits are clear:
▪ Ends escalating costs of specialized memory care.
▪ Eliminates worries about annual rate increases.
▪ Aids in planning for a secure and meaningful future.

Take Advantage of 2021 Memory Care Pricing at Clarendale While There’s Still Time.

Hurry! To lock in current rates, residents must move in by the end of the year. Want to learn more? Simply Contact Us to schedule a visit.

HOW TO BEGIN THE TALK – When it’s Time for Assisted Living or Memory Care

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Bringing up the subject is the trickiest part when it comes to getting the conversation about assisted living or memory care started. Mom or Dad may resist discussing it because they’re afraid of losing their sense of independence. Adult children might avoid the talk because they’re concerned about how parents may react. However, starting the conversation before a crisis arises removes anxiety and uncertainty, making it easier on everyone.

Here are three simple steps to help kick off the discussion.

Step 1: Know Their Options. Research assisted living or memory care communities in the area—including costs. Find out if your aging parents have long-term care insurance or if a parent was a wartime Veteran to explore available funding. Knowing what they can afford leads to a more productive conversation about their wishes and needs.

Step 2: Start As Soon As Possible. Bring up the topic before an emergency arises and you can discuss the future in a non-threatening way. Sitting at the kitchen table chatting, with no need to make a decision that day, makes the talk more comfortable.

Step 3: Acknowledge Their Wishes. If your parents are willing, involve them in community visits. Always present senior housing options with positive language and an upbeat tone, and let them know it’s important to you that they make the final decision.

Still need more courage to begin the talk?

Here are a few added tips.

Consider enlisting additional help. If you have siblings, they can also plant the seeds and join in group discussions, as needed. You can also get the family doctor involved if the physician is willing to speak with you and your parents without violating privacy concerns. The goal is to keep the discussion going.

We hope you’ll also consider Clarendale of St. Peters a helpful, expert, go-to resource. You can invite us into the conversation anytime—in private consultation with you or with the entire family.

Want to learn more? For details about assisted living and memory care options at Clarendale of St. Peters, click Assisted Living or Memory Care or simply Contact Us to schedule a visit.

10 WARNING SIGNS – Is It Time for Assisted Living or Memory Care?

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To ensure that Mom and Dad are safe and well, look for these signs to help you take the emotion out of the decision to recommend assisted living or memory care. Focus on ten objective measures:

  1. Driving. Don’t ignore near misses, fender benders, new dents or nicks. Request a ride to assess your loved one’s current driving skills.
  1. Appearance. Poor grooming or hygiene, like unwashed or uncombed hair and stained clothing, might mean a little assistance is needed.
  1. Activities. Watch for loss of interest in favorite pastimes. Giving up things that were once important may be a red flag.
  1. Moods. Frequent bouts of irritability, moodiness, depression or fatigue are always symptoms worth discussing.
  1. Mobility. To avoid the risk of falls and fractures, watch to see if your loved one is more unsteady when walking, has recently fallen or now has difficulty with stairs.
  1. Medications. Be on the lookout for empty or expired medicine bottles, unfilled prescriptions or confusion about proper dosage and medication times.
  1. Maintenance. Sloppy housekeeping or a neglected yard may reveal that your loved one isn’t faring as well at home alone anymore.
  1. Food. Check the fridge and cupboards. Look for food that’s old or spoiled—from past due expiration dates to moldy leftovers and sour milk.
  1. Finances. When unopened mail, unpaid bills and overdue notices stack up, it may raise concerns about how financial matters are being managed.
  1. Forgetfulness. It’s not just a natural part of aging when parents forget important appointments, repeat things constantly or frequently lose their sense of direction.

It’s often what aging loved ones need.

They just may not know it yet.

Even when the signs confirm it’s no longer safe for an aging loved one to live alone, Mom and Dad may simply cherish their freedom. It’s difficult to suggest they leave the home they love.

Check back next month for a companion article: How to Begin the Talk When it’s Time for Assisted Living or Memory Care.

Want to learn more? For details about how assistance with daily living at Clarendale of St. Peters maximizes our residents’ sense of independence, click Assisted Living or Memory Care or simply Contact Us to schedule a visit.


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Children — even adult children — turn to their parents for support. They see their parents as caregivers, and it’s often a surprise when the roles become reversed. Seemingly out of the blue, sons and daughters notice their parents slowing down. They may even worry about their parents living in a house by themselves. Senior parents, though, almost always want to maintain their independence. Senior living is a smart solution to satisfy both parties.



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Deciding where to retire takes more consideration than opening a map, closing your eyes, and letting your finger be your guide. But no matter where you end up, your destination should put a smile on your face and a gleam in your eye, says Steve Gurney, founder of The Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook. “And the way to get that is by having a purpose in life,” he says. “Where we live should be a tool to make it easier to engage in this purposeful activity.”

To help you uncover what to look for in a retirement community, here are 10 factors that could turn a city, town, or suburb into a retirement destination that meets your unique needs.


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Top Reviews from Residents and Families Showcase Outstanding Care Provided by Clarendale of St. Peters to Keep Seniors Feeling Safe, Healthy and Happy

St. Peters, MO January 29, 2021Clarendale of St. Peters, a senior living community based in St. Peters, MO, is proud to announce that it has been honored as a Best of Senior Living 2021 award winner by A Place for Mom, Inc. (APFM), the largest senior living referral service in North America. The best of senior living honor represents the best of the best of in-home care, assisted living, and other senior living providers, determined by the reviews of seniors and their families on, the nation’s largest ratings and reviews site for senior care and services. This exclusive designation honors only the top three percent of senior care providers across the United States and Canada.


This year has been tough for so many and Clarendale of St. Peters has shown its resilience in the face of this challenge. Many of the top reviews shared what kept residents feeling safe, less isolated, and stimulated both mentally and physically. From a pen pal program with elementary students, spacious and clean buildings, to having staff just be there to engage with residents and caregivers when they are needed most, Clarendale of St. Peters provided the utmost care.

Senior Living Industry is a Critical Category in Caring for Our Aging Population 

Reflected in many of the top reviews, the Senior Living industry has remained a critical industry throughout the pandemic. A Place for Mom surveyed families that moved into a senior living community over the past six months with 86% of caregivers indicating that COVID did not influence their decision to move their loved one into a community during the pandemic, mainly as a result of seniors needing care beyond what could be provided at home. More so, almost 9 in 10 families surveyed with a loved one in Senior Living said they were satisfied/very satisfied with the care their loved one was receiving this past year, as caregiver fatigue became an unfortunate reality with 77% of caregivers reporting that they have been overwhelmed by the demands of caring for a senior since the pandemic began.


“During a year that challenged all of us, and particularly frontline healthcare workers, senior living communities demonstrated resilience going above and beyond to keep residents safe, healthy, and happy,” said Sue Johansen, Senior Vice President, Community Network, at A Place for Mom. “Of the nearly 45,000 senior living care providers in North America currently listed on and hundreds of thousands of reviews, only the top 3% were recognized with this prestigious award, simply by providing the highest level of care that residents and their families deserve.”


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It’s an age-old adage, “you are what you eat.” And while food does contain the building blocks our bodies need to heal and fuel themselves, when we’re younger, we have a little more leeway in what we put on our plate. But as we age, what we don’t eat can start to affect our overall health and wellness. Our later years are also when a lifetime of bad eating habits and the effects of poor nutrition and diet can start to catch up with us. In fact, many of the diseases that affect senior health are the result of dietary factors, which can then be compounded by changes that naturally occur as we age.

THIS POST will discuss how critical proper senior nutrition is and the health risks of poor nutrition.


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Communication and denial play major roles in parent-child relationships. Most kids strive to do what’s best for their parents. But there are some, unfortunately, who are looking for an easy way out. Parents, for the most part, just don’t want to be a burden to their families.

How can you make the process a family affair, a time to come together and deal with important issues that will affect the futures of both you and your children?

Let’s make it simple. We’ll start with the parents, since they are the ones whose lives will be affected most dramatically, about how to talk about moving to a retirement home:

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When it comes to making a long-term plan for how and where to live as we age, you’d be hard pressed to find many who don’t see the value in thinking through such an important issue. But according to a survey from The Conversation Project, while ninety percent of Americans say that talking to loved ones about end-of-life care is important, only twenty-seven percent have actually done it. Indeed – no one likes to think about not being able to live the way they want, but the reality is, people who take the time to make a long-term plan are less likely to die in a hospital or burden relatives with tough medical decisions. In the end, while starting discussion of  long term care planning may be difficult, the relief you’ll feel when it’s finished will free you up to enjoy the years ahead.

CLICK HERE to read more the essentials of a proper long-term care plan and the key advisors you’ll need to have in place.


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Most older adults know a day will come when it’s time to downsize. Some people dread it. Others take it in stride as a necessary step to the lifestyle they want. Whichever way you look at it, downsizing — or rightsizing your life — can tug at your heartstrings and play with your emotions. To help you get through it without feeling overwhelmed, CLICK HERE for some tips for dealing with the emotions of downsizing.