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Ryan Muzzey Enriches the Lives of Memory Care Residents at Clarendale

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Ryan Muzzey has been serving older adults living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia for more than 15 years, and as a Certified Dementia Practitioner® (CDP) since 2019, he has solid credentials to back up his experience.

According to Muzzey, “Over the course of my career, I have worked in three different communities and a dementia-specific adult day center. My resume includes a list of training programs and certifications in dementia and life enrichment—in both management and non-management roles. The common denominator is a desire to help advance culture change in long-term care.”

That desire for change is essentially driven by a motivation to make residents feel loved and understood. “I want each resident to develop a feeling of purpose and belonging. Working with older adults has never been just a job to me, but a calling in my life,” says Muzzey. “I believe God has blessed me with talents and abilities to serve this population with excellence and dignity. I consider it an immense honor and privilege.”

When asked about his goal for teammates at Clarendale of St. Peters, Muzzey didn’t hesitate to offer a common goal. “I’ve noticed that my colleagues also experience the same calling—and are truly serving with loving hearts and understanding minds.”

With extensive experience in life enrichment, it’s not surprising that Muzzey would highlight some of his favorite events as accomplishments. “I knew many of our residents had a passion for art, so we hosted an art showcase featuring their pieces in different mediums and different styles (abstract, up-cycled, geometric, realism and multimedia). The showcase was so popular we were given the opportunity to display the work at a cultural arts center. The public was invited and each artist was able to sit by their work and answer viewers’ questions.”

Muzzey understands the importance of music as well. “When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from bringing musicians into the community, I organized an outdoor concert for several senior living communities in the area. We hosted a parking lot concert for residents and team members free of charge. I was one of the performers—both humbled and honored to play for an amazing group of people who were living and working almost in total isolation!”

For more information about what Muzzey is doing to enrich the lives of memory care residents of Clarendale of St. Peters, families may contact him anytime at the community.

Clarendale of St. Peters Hosts Baby Adoption Ceremony for All Memory Care Residents

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St. Peters, MO (June 15, 2021) – It’s not every day a senior living community hosts a baby shower and mass adoption ceremony for its memory care residents, but thanks to a partnership with Angel Embrace, Clarendale of St. Peters did just that. Every resident in the memory care neighborhood received a baby doll to help combat occasional bouts of loneliness, anxiety and agitation.

“Our dedicated memory care team said seeing our residents light up with their new babies was one of the best feelings to come out of 2021 so far,” says Executive Director Mark Golliday. “We’re so thankful to Angel Embrace for their kind and caring program.”

The life-size, soft and cuddly dolls were not gifts to the community—but to each resident personally—complete with a Certificate of Adoption. The personal attachment helps inspire purposeful activity. Clarendale residents immediately began to hold their dolls, talk to them, “feed” them—and they seemingly beamed when visitors and staff members noticed and commented on their babies. The reason is simple.


Research suggests that individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia benefit from holding and caring for a baby doll in a variety of ways. It can:

▪ Bring emotional comfort

▪ Produce a calming effect

▪ Ease loneliness

▪ Provide purposeful activity

▪ Reduce anxiety/agitation

▪ Improve social interaction/communication

The founders of Angel Embrace saw first-hand how dolls could help residents when their own mother, Verdie Mae, living in a memory care community toward the end of her 95 years of life, embraced her own babies.

“Mom adored her baby dolls,” says Debbie Verdie of Angel Embrace. Verdie’s Girls—as they’ve dubbed themselves—also partner with homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, foster care and crisis nurseries because “the dolls bring comfort and reassurance to children, too, who are seriously ill or in new or unfamiliar environments.”


“At Clarendale, we’re always looking for creative and innovative ways to improve meaning, dignity and quality of life for our residents in memory care. Sometimes it’s as simple as the comfort of a baby doll,” explains Golliday. “Mostly, it’s a matter of providing highly skilled and dedicated care each day. Residents and their families can count on nothing less at Clarendale of St. Peters. We’re so proud of Heartfelt CONNECTIONS—A Memory Care Program®. It’s at the heart of everything we do, and we’d love to tell anyone interested more about it!”

Individuals interested in learning more about memory care at Clarendale of St. Peters may call 636-706-5100 or visit The community, in addition to memory care, offers independent living and assisted living all under one roof at 10 DuBray Drive in St. Peters. It is managed by a nationwide leader in senior living management—Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company.

About Life Care Services

Life Care Services®, An LCS ® Company, leads the way in senior living with over 45 years of proven experience. This innovative leadership brings passion and performance through strong financial stewardship, lifestyle-centered services as well as high quality health services in communities as unique as the individuals who live in them.


ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS – The Memory Care Courtyard

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The environment has real, recognizable, beneficial influences on the human mind. It can boost one’s sense of well-being and may lower blood pressure and levels of stress. Our memory care courtyard at Clarendale of St. Peters was created by Jack Carman, a renowned expert who designs spaces based on these effects.

According to Carman, “Listening to birds, watching a sunset, feeling the breeze on our skin…being outside in nature has positive effects on our mood and outlook.”

With that philosophy in mind, Carman created an environmental oasis for memory care residents and their visiting families at Clarendale. Essentially a natural outdoor living space, the courtyard incorporates plant materials and hardscapes that appeal to all five senses.

Sight: Ornamental trees and multi-season shrubs catch the eye—from a Japanese Maple and Chinese redbud to a butterfly bush and arctic fire dogwood.

Sound: A fountain water feature, flanked by rocking chairs, invites residents and guests to sit, listen, relax and meditate. Bird feeders tempt chirping feathered friends to stay awhile.

Taste: An intimate grouping of tables and chairs call residents, staff and families to enjoy coffee, lunch or a snack outside—because everything tastes better in the sun!

Touch: Resident gardeners can get their hands dirty in raised planting beds or simply sit and relax under the room-size pergola with a light touch of wind to welcome them.

Smell: In addition to plantings of fragrant English lavender, planters are filled with herbs and flowers—from basil, parsley and sage to scented lemon, orange, apple and rose geraniums.


“Gardens are an essential component of any residence. Outdoor rooms can help individuals with dementia stay connected to the world around them,” says Carman.

 About the Landscape Architect: Jack Carman, FASLA

The mastermind behind Clarendale of St. Peters’ memory care courtyard is the owner, founder and president of Design for Generations, LLC. With more than 20 years of experience as a landscape architect, Carman is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and a nationally recognized expert in the design of therapeutic gardens, particularly for senior living communities and individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Characteristically, Carman’s plans for gardens and natural areas are designed to meet the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of older adults using the gardens. As a Landscape Architect, he analyzes site conditions and creates design solutions that promote improved quality of life. His philosophy? Blend the built environment with more natural aspects of design, taking advantage of nature’s beauty and restorative powers.

Want to learn more? For details about the therapeutic outdoor space at Clarendale of St. Peters, click Memory Care Courtyard or simply Contact Us to schedule a visit.



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Moving your parents or loved one to assisted living is a decision that requires a lot of thought and research. There are so many different aspects of an assisted living community to consider that without visiting communities, there’s no real way to know if it meets all your requirements, or if you, your parents or loved one will even like it. One of the ways to get a better picture of what assisted living is like in a given community is to take advantage of their respite care program. A short respite stay will give you and your loved ones an idea as to what the community is like, what services they offer, and if it’s the right choice for them.


Clarendale Event Proves Tasty

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Clarendale Event Proves Tasty

We treated 125 guests to delicious dining choices to go—and the reviews are in!


“Steak was expertly cooked with just the right amount of seasoning; plus not overcooked. The quality of the food was excellent, very gourmet.” –Christine, Saint Peters

“The steak and fish were well-seasoned and excellently prepared. The quality and presentation were both first-rate. Easily comparable to a good restaurant. Compliments to the chef.” –Larry, O’Fallon

“The lime cheesecake—to die for! The steak and fish were top restaurant quality. Can I get the recipe for the cheesecake?” –Beth, O’Fallon

“This very generous offer was a welcome treat. The staff was great, well-prepared and organized.” –Marilyn, Saint Peters


 We invited friends of Clarendale to a Taste of Clarendale, offering the opportunity to drive up for a delicious dinner-sampler to go and to drive off with a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card if participants provided comments about our menu options. From Filet Mignon and Sea Bass to grilled asparagus, rice pilaf or risotto—and cheesecake for dessert, the tempting menu garnered so much interest, we had to add a second date to accommodate all the attendees!

The weather was beautiful for both dates. Staff from Life Enrichment and Marketing were on hand to greet the guests, safely hand over the food and provide directions.

Thanks to all who joined us for this well-reviewed Taste of Clarendale event!






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Children — even adult children — turn to their parents for support. They see their parents as caregivers, and it’s often a surprise when the roles become reversed. Seemingly out of the blue, sons and daughters notice their parents slowing down. They may even worry about their parents living in a house by themselves. Senior parents, though, almost always want to maintain their independence. Senior living is a smart solution to satisfy both parties.



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More than 25% of seniors experience a fall each year in America. Emergency departments see 3 million seniors for fall-related injuries. While falls are so common they’ve become the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in adults over age 65, that doesn’t mean they are an inevitable fact of aging. In truth, the belief that falls are simply a natural part of getting older actually puts seniors at a greater risk for falls.

Balance and agility naturally wane in an older adult’s later years. If nothing is done, this decline puts seniors at a greater risk of experiencing an injury-inducing fall, but it doesn’t follow that there’s nothing you can do to prevent a fall from happening. Some basic steps toward fall prevention can make a senior much safer.

Read 5 myths about senior falls HERE.


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Millions of older adults fall victim to scams each year, losing substantial amounts of money they need for their retirement. In fact, scammers often target seniors in financial scams, because they expect older adults to have significant savings in their bank accounts.

If your senior loved one becomes a victim of fraud, it can leave them in a precarious financial position with little time to recoup crucial funds. READ MORE HERE.

Anna Jensen, Director of Memory Care, Now a Certified Dementia Practitioner®

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Although our Director of Memory Care, Anna Jensen, already had more than 21 years of senior living experience, and solid credentials in memory care, she pursued additional certification and completed training last November to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

“I am always looking to continue my education—as well as stay up-to-date on current trends,” Jensen explains. “With the CDP, those accomplishments are simply documented formally. Combined with my past education, the new training provided insights into new approaches and additional good ideas for memory care staff training at Clarendale of St. Peters.”

To earn certification, a CDP completes extensive training in the area of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Each student receives resources to support key aspects of dementia care, including communication techniques, disruptive behaviors interventions and tools for addressing concerns such as wandering, aggressive behaviors and poor nutrition.

According to the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, certification helps assure families that their loved ones will receive sensitive care by a trained and certified health care professional. There’s a reduced risk of injury and confidence that comes with understanding that CDPs know the appropriate activities for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, a CDP is certified to provide sensitive psychosocial support to both residents and families, including education and training in the areas of end-of-life care and comfort measures for end-stage dementia.

“My career journey has been driven by a desire to create a better quality of life for those who live and work in senior living,” says Jensen. “I believe the best way to give older adults a much-deserved, rewarding lifestyle is through teamwork and family. As time goes on, the CDP will help me to better train our staff and families in how to create the best possible home for our residents.”

Jensen’s past experience includes serving as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Social Service worker, and Sales representative.  Additionally, she holds two degrees from Lindenwood University—a bachelor’s degree in health management and master’s degree in Gerontology, as well as a Nursing Home Administrator’s license.


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Deciding where to retire takes more consideration than opening a map, closing your eyes, and letting your finger be your guide. But no matter where you end up, your destination should put a smile on your face and a gleam in your eye, says Steve Gurney, founder of The Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook. “And the way to get that is by having a purpose in life,” he says. “Where we live should be a tool to make it easier to engage in this purposeful activity.”

To help you uncover what to look for in a retirement community, here are 10 factors that could turn a city, town, or suburb into a retirement destination that meets your unique needs.